Face masks will still be required for everyone when entering and exiting the buildings, moving around in the buildings, and while singing – but those who are fully vaccinated can take their masks off during the message. That part of the worship gathering is the lowest risk portion of the service since the only person speaking is on stage. 


  • Starting on Sunday you will also be able to seat yourself in the auditoriums, and we still strongly encourage you to practice social distancing. Our seating will still be distanced to help you do that. 


  • Most of our kids’ ministry safety measures will remain the same for now since children are not yet able to receive a vaccine and because those are classroom environments which require closer interaction than in the auditoriums. Those serving as volunteers in kids’ ministry and children ages 3 and up should still wear a mask. Parents dropping off and picking up their kids should also wear a mask while in the kids’ area. Parents may enter/exit the building any way they choose; however, we will continue to ask parents to use “one stairway up” and “one stairway down” at the East campus. 


  • Youth ministry safety measures will remain the same for the time being.