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"You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual

house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices

acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

1 Peter 2:5 NIV



Del Sol is the Lord’s house – one house, many rooms. Each campus or “room” is a place where we worship God, a home for all people, and a space to welcome others into our family and minister to their needs. That’s why you’re being asked to help expand and care for God’s house like it were your own home. You are an integral part of what God is building through Del Sol.

Through this two-year spiritual journey of sacrifice by giving in addition to your regular tithe, you’ll be part of providing the resources needed to do that. Everyone who calls Del Sol their church home is being challenged to ask God the same two questions about this project:

· “What’s my heart for Your house?”

· “How do You want to use me to make Your house ready to reach more people?”

Together we can make spaces where more people can come to know the grace and truth of Jesus Christ and as a result, our combined sacrifices will matter in ways we may not even realize right now.

The primary goal is to develop a heart for God’s house. The financial goal is to raise $600,000 over two years together.

With those funds we will do some much needed renovations at the East campus, build a new children’s building at the Northeast campus, develop the grounds at the East Montana campus, and prepare existing space for new ministry at both the Centro Compassion Center and Transmountain campuses.

The people of Del Sol have always been known for having hearts of generosity, and this is another opportunity to show that heart in practical ways through Heart for the House.


We know that new buildings and facility renovations aren’t significant on their own, but what

happens through them can change lives forever. Because our heart is to help people to follow Christ,

build community, and unleash compassion – buildings and campuses are part of it.

That’s why we’ve got to give to create more & better spaces for the sake of others.


Our campus at the Rogelio Sanchez State Jail is a thriving part of our church family. We hold Sunday services, small groups almost every day of the week, and prayer teams pray regularly for the administration, officers, and the men in white (inmates). We also hold special annual events like Jubilee and Day with Dad. Here are some ways the people of Del Sol have made an impact there:

“It is encouraging to know that people from Del Sol are coming each week to bring us a great message. For them to make Sanchez one of their campuses made us feel important even in prison. I saw the love of Jesus coming out of these men every week without fail.”

– Steven


“Thanks for being Jesus focused, grace oriented, and love motivated. My time here is preparing me for the Lord’s ministry when I am released.”

– Michael


ROOTED is more than just another church curriculum. It’s a powerful ten-week discipleship experience that has already helped hundreds of people at Del Sol connect with God, the church, and their purpose. In a world that can feel fragmented, isolated, and empty – ROOTED helps you experience a different way of life with God.

Here’s what some graduates would tell you:


“Before ROOTED, I was lost, bitter, confused, selfish, and addicted. Now I know I am loved, forgiven, and protected. I trust God. I am recovering! I’m finding myself again through Christ who strengthens me.”  – Nicole


“I was uncertain about ROOTED at first, but after it I am deeply connected with Jesus, viewing others as He sees them.”  – Albert


The Centro Compassion Center is a space for worship and community, as well as a base to find solutions to homelessness and hunger, and to teach life skills. People from all Del Sol campuses provide food, clothing, and wellness screenings to meet the needs of the El Paso’s inner city with compassion – all the while keeping the focus on the true life transformation that comes only by following Christ.


In the last few years the Northeast campus has seen tremendous growth! We have many military families at this campus, so we have started a military ministry to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they make. Although these families come and go every couple of years, we continue to see God provide faithful members during their time with us. We’ve also been blessed by several people in our congregation who have provided resources to improve our room of the Del Sol house, like a new sign on our building and a newly paved a new parking lot. There are currently over one hundred kids and teachers meeting in just five rooms each Sunday, so with the blessing of growth has come the need for more children’s space. That’s why we are so excited for this new building and how it will provide us with the needed space to reach even more families in Northeast El Paso.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 5.30.09 PM.png

While the goal is to build up and improve every campus of this house called Del Sol Church, the most significant need is to build a new children’s classroom wing at the Northeast campus. These drawings show what that new space could look like.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 1.23.43 PM.png


Here are some practical things you can do to develop a heart for God’s house.



Spend some serious time praying about the part God wants you to play in Heart for the House. It’s important that your giving commitment is a discussion between you and the Lord.


Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Never underestimate budgeting for generosity. Planning and preparation is the way God will use to you to give more than you may think right now.


There is such power in writing down a goal and then being able to see it fulfilled. By making a written commitment on Sunday, November 10, 2019 you will take the first step in an exciting faith journey.


1. Online. You can give through our safe and secure website giving portal; just designate your gift as “Heart for the House.”

2. Check/cash. Please write “Heart for the House” on your giving envelope or check.

3. Stocks, bonds, other assets. Please call church office at (915) 855-3798 for more info.


Tithes have no designations and are used for the ongoing operations of the church (Malachi 3:8-11). An offering is a gift over and

above your faithful tithe, and is designated for special projects, ministry efforts, or an emphasis like this.


Sunday, November 10th will be our commitment celebration and there will be special commitment cards available for you to use on that day.

The two-year giving journey begins that day.


We know that not everyone can give the same amount to take care of God’s house – but everyone can sacrifice equally for their situation. Add your faith to that, make some financial adjustments to free up resources, and you can be part of something bigger than yourself. Even if you’ve never given to God’s work before, this is a good time to start. Together we can give far more than it seems over a two-year period. Here are some examples of how much you could give.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 6.17.03 PM.png

Please set aside some quality time to think about these questions and ask God for His direction as you make your commitment:

· How will this commitment help build my heart for my church?

· Will I dedicate time to pray about this decision and to have a significant conversation about it with my family or a close friend?

· Have I thought creatively about a plan that shows what I am capable of giving?

· Does this giving commitment require a sense of sacrifice in my life to invest in what I believe in?

· I know that God wants me to give joyfully, so do I have a sense of joy with this giving commitment?


· What is Heart for the House?

It’s a two-year journey where together, people from all five Del Sol campuses will give sacrificially, in addition to their regular giving, to improve God’s house. We will do some much needed renovations at the East campus, build a new children’s building at the Northeast campus, develop the grounds at the East Montana campus, and prepare existing space for new ministry at both the Centro Compassion Center and Transmountain campuses. This is more than just a two-year fundraising emphasis. It’s a spiritual journey to grow our hearts as we give to make more and better space in every room of God’s house for the sake of others.


· That’s a good vision – but why now?

Our church leaders believe God has led us to this time. The need is great right now, especially for children’s space at the Northeast campus. A challenge to sacrifice like this involves faith, some risk, and a lot of trust in God more than money. God has been undeniably good to all of us and since the blessing of God is upon us, together we can do this!


· What if my finances change in a month or year from now? Can I change my pledge?

Absolutely. We believe that God is able to not only provide but also make this the most prosperous season of your life in every way! We are asking you to make a commitment but we know life happens, so we understand that your pledge might adjust up or down over the next two years. Fulfilling your commitment is simply between you and God.


· What happens if I don’t live in El Paso within the next two years? For example, we’re in the military and might have to move.

Heart for the House is about seeking God and responding to how He leads you to be involved. The Lord knows your situation right now and what it will be in the next two years. We encourage you to respond to God’s prompting to give even if you move away. You might give for as long as you live here, or even keep giving after you move. That will be between you and the Lord. Several military families have continued giving to Del Sol in the past even after being restationed, and you can be confident that God will use anything you give during your time in El Paso to help fulfill this vision.


· What does the involvement of our Northeast campus look like, since the largest part of the project (the new children’s building) will directly benefit them?

Remember, we are one house with many rooms. People from the Northeast campus have given faithfully to several church-wide projects since that campus launched almost ten years ago, including to help start our newest campuses. While some campuses are bigger than others, God is working all across the house, so no room is more important than the other. Heart for the House is a faith investment into the whole house, and people at all five campuses will be asked to sacrifice in equal proportion for the purposes of this vision.


· What happens if we don’t raise enough money?

Although this is a legitimate question, we are moving forward in faith believing there will be more than enough to fund the vision and that we will not be detoured or delayed! Whatever amount is raised during the emphasis will still be used for the project goals. Our church leaders will be realistic, use good judgment, make decisions based on pledge amounts actually given, and if necessary will obtain a short-term construction loan for the building at the Northeast campus. In any case, we will proceed in wisdom and faith.


· How can I track the progress the church is making?

We have set up a website at where you can track the progress of this emphasis over the next two years.



STEP 1: Choose your campus

STEP 2: Choose “HEART FOR THE HOUSE” in the fund option

STEP 3: Give your thanksgiving offering


If you have any questions about different ways to give, please contact Nancy Contreras at | (915)-855-3798 ext. 202

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